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Focus on Student Achievement

The California public school system is broken. Our kids aren’t learning what they need to succeed in college and the careers of the 21st century. We see even our highest performing students lag behind their peers in the rest of the nation, let alone the rest of the world. And the achievement gaps between racial and economic subgroups of students are more troubling still.

EdVoice believes that all students can achieve—and the research and data prove it.  That’s why every EdVoice objective, strategy and decision is made on the basis of how to best help all California children succeed. Student achievement is what matters.

EdVoice Goals:

2015 Test Results http://edvoice.org/issues/2015-test-results#

Legislative Bills

Academic Achievement http://edvoice.org/academic-acheivement

Educator Evaluation Report http://edvoice.org/progressignored

Teacher Preparation http://edvoice.org/teacher-preparation

LCFF and LCAP http://edvoice.org/lcff-and-lcap

ESEA Waiver http://edvoice.org/esea-waiver

Teacher Evaluation Lawsuit http://edvoice.org/parentlawsuit

Deferrals http://edvoice.org/deferrals

Funding Inequity Exposed http://edvoice.org/unfairfunding

Past Advocacy http://edvoice.org/past-advocacy