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Effective, Transparent School Funding

California’s education funding system is a complicated, irrational mess. One California school receives nearly $60,000 per student, while another school that serves children with similar learning challenges receives just over $6,000 per student. In many instances, schools with the most to overcome get the fewest dollars to do it. And money desperately needed in the classroom gets stuck in state and local bureaucracy. This is an injustice for our kids and, in turn, compromises our future. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

That’s why EdVoice fights to make funding formulas and allocations transparent at the state, district and school level, so everyone can see and understand where and how education dollars are spent. Beyond transparency, EdVoice works to reform the education finance system to ensure more dollars make it to the classroom and school site and that all investments are tactically planned to have the greatest possible impact on improving the student achievement of all kids.

Learn how much your school loses from cash deferrals.

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