Reform is Needed.

Sacramento politics is dominated by entrenched partisan groups. Unfortunately for students and parents, these groups are staunch supporters of the status quo for California public schools. That’s why the EdVoice for the Kids PAC engages in the political process to tip the balance of power. Through strategic candidate selection, bold investment, and innovative tactics, the political landscape in Sacramento is beginning to change.

This is where you come in. Join the school reform movement by becoming a member. There is a membership level for everyone.

Member Benefits:

  • PAC Icon Be part of a significant coalition of education reform minded parents, teachers, charter school leaders, civil rights advocates, and philanthropists.

  • Pool limited political contribution dollars in order to have a greater impact on political campaigns.

  • Attend events and receive face time with legislators on behalf of the EdVoice for the Kids PAC.

EdVoice for the Kids PAC
By pooling grassroots contributions together with reform minded philanthropic resources, the EdVoice for the Kids PAC is becoming a dominant player in California politics. Every donation, no matter how big or small,
will make a difference.

Candidate Endorsement

Are you a candidate running for office? Email for information on the EdVoice candidate endorsement process.