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The California public school system is broken.  The outcome is dismal student achievement at almost every level, where even the highest performing students lag behind their peers in the rest of the nation.  And the persistent achievement gaps between racial and economic subgroups are more troubling still.

That’s why the state's leading education philanthropists established EdVoice.  We work to improve measurable student achievement and eliminate educational inequality.  EdVoice believes that all students can achieve.  Every objective, strategy and decision is weighed on the basis of how to best help all California children succeed. 

EdVoice brings together the ingredients to drive change in California schools.  With in-depth policy expertise and a commitment to looking to research and real-world results for policy solutions, EdVoice advocates for key policy changes that will make a difference for all California's students. 

And you can help make a difference.  EdVoice is a nonprofit grassroots network of over 50,000 parents, community leaders, educators, and the state’s leading education philanthropists, working together to be heard in the decision making process in Sacramento. When you join EdVoice, you'll get what you need to make an informed decision on some of the important education issues before the Legislature and the tools to communicate your views to the right people at the right time. With just a few clicks of the mouse, EdVoice enables you to make a difference in the education policy that shapes our schools.

Join parents, teachers and community leaders across California in the EdVoice grassroots network. 

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