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EdVoice statement on Governor's 2020-21 Budget January 10, 2020

SACRAMENTO - Without great teachers in every classroom there cannot be great schools and success for all kids. EdVoice applauds Governor Newsom’s commitment to improve the effectiveness of the teacher workforce by investing nearly $900 million in teacher training, development, and recruitment to address acute shortages to ensure every student has a great teacher, especially in high-poverty schools.

EdVoice agrees California should “double down” on what works and “abandon” investments that don’t. That’s a very sound theory of action to avoid the pre-LCFF snare that resulted in billions of dollars that grew into glaciers of calcified state and local bureaucracy moving slowly and leading too often nowhere close to the results intended. We need more transparency to know what works. It’s encouraging that the Governor has invested more in transparency and recognizes that the state has an important role.

When it comes to reading instruction, science confirms what works – start early with all kids and use effective science-based instructional techniques and curriculum. To end the school-to-prison pipeline, the Governor and the Legislature can break the chains for thousands by ensuring that the budget’s proposed new investments in training teachers to teach children to read is anchored in the proven science of what works for all kids.

If we expect teachers to teach our kids the fundamental skills needed to read, we must provide them with the knowledge and ongoing training they need to be effective. This budget can and must do just that.