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Evaluations of Administrators

For over 40 years, Los Angeles Unified School District has ignored state law at the expense of kids. The ignored law is simple –evaluations of adults employed to educate kids must include information on how well those children are doing.

In the fall of 2011, a group of parents united to sue the district to force it to finally follow the law. A year after we filed the lawsuit, Superior Court Judge James Chalfant agreed and ordered LA Unified to renegotiate contracts with its teachers unions. The agreement reaffirmed the need to include the use of individual test scores a s a part of the educator evaluation process. 

The LAUSD issued the following statement in response to the verdict, "Measures of student achievement are not the primary or controlling factor, but they are significant, and beginning immediately, will be incorporated." 

Doe v. Deasy: Project


Learn about the implementation of the agreement to comply with the law here.

Read the respondents first Return to the Writ of Mandate submitted September 4, 2012 here.

Following the win in court, the judge has issued a writ of mandate, ordering LAUSD to follow the law include measures of student progress in educator evaluations. Read it here.

Read about the finalized ruling here – in a big win for kids, the district is now under court order to include measures of student achievement in educator evaluations

On June 11, the judge issued a tentative ruling. Read it here.

The trial began June 5, 2012. Read a release from Edvoice with more information here.

On April 4, 2012, the parents filed their motion for a writ of mandate brief which covers key evidence and arguments in the case. Read it here.

Read the parents’ reply in support of the writ of mandate submitted on May 23 here.

Read the parents’ initial letter of complaint to the school district here.

Read the updated writ of mandate and prohibition filed on November 18, 2011 here.

Read answers to some frequently asked questions here.

Read Senator Stull’s 1975 letter to Jerry Brown here.

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