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Low-Income Kids Don't Have a Lobbyist

Sacramento is filled with lobbyists trying to make the pie bigger for their clients, advocating day in and day out for their particular interests. 

Who is there fighting for the interests of low-income kids? Where are the people making sure they have a seat at the table, let alone a slice of the pie? Who lobbies for them?

EdVoice For the Kids PAC does.



Teacher and Student


  • Be part of a significant coalition of parents, teachers, school leaders, civil rights advocates, and philanthropists.

  • Pool limited political contribution dollars in order to have a greater impact on political campaigns.

  • Attend events and engage with legislators on behalf of the EdVoice For the Kids PAC.

By pooling grassroots contributions together with reform minded philanthropic resources, the EdVoice For the Kids PAC can have a major voice in California politics on behalf of low-income children. Every donation, no matter how big or small, will make a difference.


*KidsPAC: Contributions to EdVoice KidsPAC are not tax deductible. Please note that your contribution to the EdVoice KidsPAC (FPPC#: 1261580) is reportable to the Fair Political Practices Commission in accordance with Form 461.

Kids Holding Diplomas
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