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Thank you for fighting so all kids can read!

The 2020-21 Legislative session wrapped up last week, and EdVoice is thrilled to announce that SB 614 did NOT pass! This positive achievement was the result of two years of coordinating thousands of voices in our grassroots network, dozens of equity-focused organizations, and over 80 reading experts and researchers from across the country.


SB 614 would have repealed the required study of scientifically proven methods of reading instruction demonstrated to work by empirical data at scale for all students, including English learners, students with dyslexia, and students with other learning differences. This bill would have taken California backward over two decades to the days when our students were performing at the bottom of the nation in reading outcomes. The advocacy campaign we coordinated included a coalition of allies from across the country, including International Dyslexia Associations, The Right to Read Project, Decoding Dyslexia California, and the Oakland NAACP.


As the new Chief External Relations Officer to EdVoice, I was humbled by the number of grassroots supporters our organization activated. You helped us keep the bar high for what equity for all students should look like in our schools and ensure every early grade teacher can teach a child to read. I was the first to go to college on both sides of my family. My parents’ dedication to making sure that their children had a better life has made an indelible effect on me. I have personally seen what type of generational change a public education can offer, and that has made me a constant champion to pay forward this opportunity.


The stopping of SB 614 is a significant accomplishment for EdVoice and the students of California. The EdVoice fight for equity continues as we advocate to close achievement gaps and the school to prison pipeline. We must maintain rigorous standards for students and teachers, empower all families with real choices to attend high-quality schools, hold schools accountable for academic achievement and other student outcomes that lead to ongoing success in school and careers, ensure every student has an excellent teacher, and fight for transparent funding.


It matters when people like you send a contribution to support our work. It makes a big difference in sustaining our work. Your charitable donation helps us advocate to positively change the 6 million lives of our California public school students.

As we look forward, we know the fight isn’t over. We are encouraged by supporters like you, and we hope we can work together to address the underlying issues we’ve raised in this battle. If you would like to learn more about how to support the work of EdVoice, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly via email. Thank you for your continued support.

With my profound appreciation,

Felix Flores, Jr.

Chief External Relations Officer, EdVoice

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