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CA POLL RESULTS: Unanimous Support for Early Universal Screening

EdVoice recently commissioned a survey of over 4,200 registered California voters and found that 87% of voters favor universal screening for risk of dyslexia. The findings were nearly unanimous for all categories of voters and underscore overwhelming support for a statewide policy to ensure all students are screened and receive appropriate help to learn how to read.

By taking less than fifteen minutes to screen a student early in the school year, schools can help families and teachers achieve the best learning and life outcomes for all students, close academic achievement gaps, avoid costly interventions later in students’ academic careers, and help end the school-to-prison pipeline.


 As California schools moves forward and reopen, we must do better for all our kids. Universal screening will ensure students lacking resources and advocacy on their behalf are appropriately identified as being at risk of dyslexia receive the appropriate instruction and support to reach their full social emotional and academic potential.

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